About Us

Castor Vali is a global security and risk management group specialising in providing International Protective Services, Corporate Security and Risk Management services to governments, multinational organisations and the energy sector, in emerging and high-risk markets.

With our head office in the UK, we maintain a strategic focus on Africa through our incorporated offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius and Mozambique. Our primary operational hub is located in Nairobi, from here we provide 24/7 management and support to complex land-based and offshore projects.

We successfully combine global risk management experience with local knowledge and expertise, enabling us to provide dedicated, flexible and integrated risk management services across the African continent and beyond. Our considerable experience and understanding of the risks associated with operating in remote, complex and hostile environments enable us to consistently deliver the most complex projects safely, on time and budget.

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Our Mission

To provide intelligence led, expeditionary security and risk management services, enabling our clients to maintain maximum operational effectiveness.

Our Services

Corporate Security and Risk Management

Castor Vali provides a wide range of high-quality security services that have been tailored for the corporate, development and government sectors. All are delivered to international standards to create and maintain the safest possible environment for staff, assets, information and premises. Services include:

  • Journey Management

  • Remote Site and Project Security

  • Embedded Security Managers

  • Crisis Management and Support

  • Vetting, Due Diligence and Investigations

  • Event Security Management

  • Training

  • Close Protection Services

Security Information Services

Our Security Information Service (SIS) products provide accurate, verified and timely information to enable client operations in key geographies whilst maintaining awareness of areas of interest. The following range of SIS reports make it possible for companies to access the information they need to inform their business and operational decisions at a reasonable price point:

  • Pan-Africa Security Information Service

  • Country Specific Information

  • COVID-19 Information Service

  • Travel Assist – Worldwide Travel Safety Reports

  • Maritime Information Service

  • Security Risk Assessments

  • Terrorism Preparedness Audit and Report

  • Threat Assessments


Energy Sector Security

Castor Vali is a leading security supplier to some of the largest names in the energy industry. We have significant experience supporting complex geotechnical and geophysical projects on both the East and West Coast of Africa. Our teams are the leading professionals in offshore security, delivering the following services to the highest industry standards:

  • Project Security Vessels

  • Host Nation Forces Liaison

  • Unarmed Security Advisors

  • Project Security Plans

  • Vessel Hardening Vulnerability Assessments

  • Crew Training

  • Crew Change Security Support, Logistics and Response

  • Community Engagement

Maritime Security

We have successfully provided armed and unarmed maritime security solutions to the highest industry standards since 2011. Our significant experience and longstanding reputation for quality and safety make us the right choice for the following maritime security services in the high-risk areas:

  • West Africa Security Escort Vessels

  • Armed Transit Security

  • Migrant Security

  • Superyacht Security

  • Vessel Hardening Vulnerability Assessments

  • Crew Training

Castor Vali in Kenya

Our Kenya-based company, Castor Vali Africa (CVA), specialises in Corporate Security and provides our global hub for Security Information Services. They also have significant experience delivering complex solutions for the energy sector, particularly in the more remote and insecure corners of Kenya. CVA is staffed by a capable and experienced security risk management team through a combination of international and local expertise.

We believe that safety is enabled through a better understanding of the operating environment. Our Security Information Service for Kenya provides accessible and readable reports combined with accurate and rapid security alerts to keep companies and staff well informed about security issues, threats and risks.

Our Crisis Response Service, combined with a smartphone app, connects staff instantly to our Nairobi-based 24/7 Operations Centre, manned by security professionals. This provides companies with the reassurance that all their staff can access help quickly, no matter what the issue. It also allows CVA to accurately and quickly account for the whereabouts of staff in the event of a significant incident, including terrorist attacks.

Setting up and running a business in a new country is challenging. One such challenge is recruiting and retaining the right people. CVA’s Employee Background Check service can help with this, providing swift and very affordable verification of key identification, educational and professional certification documents.

CVA’s Travel Security Service offers airport meet and greet services, high-quality 4 x 4 vehicles with security trained drivers, security co-ordinators and a range of tracking and satellite communications devices, all delivered and managed by our well-trained 24/7 operations team in virtually any African capital city and beyond. One or all of these services can be set up at very short notice, taking the stress out of planning safe and secure travel for staff.

Castor Vali has developed a range of Security Audits and Reports, conducted and delivered to international risk management standards, to help companies ensure that they make the right decisions when selecting and maintaining office and residential properties.



Compliance and business ethics continue to drive our strategic vision and operational agenda as we engage with clients, suppliers and local communities on critical issues such as human rights, anti-bribery and Health, Safety and Environment. This successful alignment is the responsibility of all our personnel, led by our dedicated compliance team.


Local Content

We have a clear policy and long-term strategy towards Local Content supported by our locally incorporated regional subsidiaries. We aim to create long-term employment opportunities and promote the development of professional skills benefiting the local communities in which we operate.

We also have extensive experience of supporting our clients in meeting their own contractual Local Content obligations, specifically those working within the Oil and Gas Industry where this is often required under regulatory frameworks. This frequently involves facilitating engagement with the local communities and managing the recruitment and training of local personnel.


Memberships and Associations

Castor Vali is proud to be affiliated with the following industry groups and associations:

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Castor Vali Ltd has been actively involved in the development of professional standards for the private security industry since our inception. Our integrated management system is independently certified to the following internationally recognised standards:

ISO_9001..2015_positive ___RGB ISO_14001..2015_positive ___RGB OHSAS_18001___CERTIFIED_positive _RGB ISO_28000___CERTIFIED_positive _RGB

Castor Vali – What’s in a name?

Our name was carefully selected and defines who we are. Castor is the guiding star in the Gemini constellation: one of the brightest in the night sky. In Roman Mythology Castor is known as a protector of mortals and patron of travellers. Vali is a figure from the Norse pantheon, endowed with the strength to survive. This unique combination of guidance, protection and strength truly reflects our expeditionary ethos and our ability to safeguard those travelling and working in remote, frontier and complex environments.

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